Monday, September 24, 2007


I think this project is really interesting and would have been more enjoyable if the timeframe was longer. I will go back to some of these sites at home and look them over and see what really interests me. I would like to set up some RSS feeds on my home computer and I would like to be able to download e-books.

It was an eye opening experience to see how far the internet has come in such a short time.

Net Library

I created an account in NetLibrary and downloaded "1776". I did not continue with the download because I don't have an MP3 device and I didn't want to load it on the library's computer. I know we are not continuing with NetLibrary next year but I hope we use something equally as impressive.

Useful Search Tools for Locating Podcasts

I used and search for a Podcast on Tennis. I listened to an extremely funny tennis match being broadcast on radio. I cannot get a RSS feed to work.


Tried to watch some funny dog clips on this computer but it wanted Flash Player installed and it would not install. I am already aware of youtube and what one can do with the site if the computer cooperates.

web 2.0 award sites

I explored "squido" about home energy costs. and "instant bull" about stocks. Some of the comments on "instant bull" were unrealtistic and I would not depend on what I read about stocks on those sites.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Number 18

i created a Google Doc account and a document. That is a handy tool to write one document and save it in word or publish it or both.

web 2.0

I read a couple of perspectives on the futures of libraries. Libraries should be very central to each community, able to answer all community questions. They could come to the library for information about the schools in the area and sources of help for seniors. One should be able to do all the research they need in the library on the computer.